Ann Chery Women”s Faja Workout Waist Cincher Review

If you want to feel like a million bucks while slimming down your waist and tightening your abs and at the same time burning fat away, then you need to check out this product! After a workout wearing this piece of clothing, you will feel the target areas have been worked much harder and you feel great!

Ann Chery has come out with a women’s workout waist cincher that not only looks great on your figure, but is built to assist you in looking your best during your workout sessions. If you are getting into it, you will soon notice that you are wearing this to the gym as part of your daily outfit because of all the benefits!



This Ann Chery Women’s Workout Waist Cincher is pretty self explanatory. What you are probably wondering though is what it is made out of. This particular piece is made out of latex which is stretchable and has a soft cotton on the inside that touches your skin. When you are working out, this trainer has a Felix boning around the ribs to keep it snug around your mid section during your toughest workouts without hurting or damaging you.

This band works so well because it goes around your abs and provides compression around your abs. This will allow you to sweat more and you will soon notice that your abs are contracting a lot more because there is material for them to push against. This burns fat, and it burns fat FAST! While you are burning this fat and sweating, at the same time you are getting rid of the toxins that have build up in your skin.

Ann Chery Women’s Workout Waist cinchers are some of my favorite to wear! They go well with any outfit, feel great, and you can wear them on the top or under your clothing. This should be part of every workout plan to get a healthier body. Soon enough you will see your hard work paying off!


A lot of people who bought the Ann Chery Women’s workout waist cincher have said what I said above; that it is an essential part of their weight loss journey. Other reviews say that this waist cincher is a little small on them and recommend people to buy a size bigger than you think you need. Remember, you can always tighten them down if they become to large after all the weight you lose!

What I found interesting is that a lot of people wear them while cleaning the house and have seen great results from only a few hours a day of daily activities. So if you are looking for a product to aid in your journey, you should get on this while its hot!


a few people who bought this ann chery waist cincher said that they had a few issues. These were very rare, but they did occur. One of these women said that it made her skin feel strange and agitated. Another said that there was too little material and was much shorter than she thought. If you are very tall, you may want to look at another model.


The Ann Chery Women’s Waist Cincher has a lot more pros than it does cons. You can see from the customers who have actually purchased the product and left reviews about how they like it, that this is one of the best ones out there. There are a few people who did not like it, but if you read the description and make sure to order the correct size (just a bit bigger than you think), then you should have an amazing experience with this product. If you have been interested in a waist trainer, get this one and try it during your next workout, you will not be disappointed!