Ska Studio Colombian Waist Trainer Review – Take it to the Gym!

Ska Studio sent us two of their black sports waist trainers. Ska Studio is like Ann Chery a well-known brand in Colombia and now also available on Amazon.

The two waist trainers arrived in a transparent polybag, which seems to be the standard packaging in this industry. It is of the two-layer variety with latex outside and cotton inside. The product felt very smooth and soft in our hands and compared with its competition from Squeem very light. It is also very well manufactured. Everything is stitched, which is a sign of good and sturdy quality.



Ska Studio sent us a size M and L. We gave both cinchers to our assistant who happens to have a membership in the local gym. The next day she took the waist trainers and her friend to a comprehensive workout session. The first thing we noticed when she returned was that her body looked more firm and curvy. Obviously the waist trainer was still in its place. If one did not know we would not have guest since it hides very well underneath her tight t-shirt. This is the advantage of using a lightweight cincher. It wraps around your skin in a way that gives you a very natural appearance even with tight cloth.

The workout was a complete success – at least for our assistant. Her friend had tried the bigger of the two cinchers, but despite the two rows of eye- and hook closures it was too big for her. So the two had to share the other one. They went through a complete workout that included cardio and a lot of weight training. The waist trainer made the cardio session more difficult and was taken off. But it worked really well for some of the weight exercises. The girdle is of medium height in the front and a bit shorter in the back. This way one gets excellent freedom in movement and a very strong back support. Use it for squats, standing calf raises, dead lifts and any other exercise that requires heavier weights. The back support lets you increase the weight, which makes the workout far more effective.


There wasn’t enough time to do an extensive before-after comparison of the thermo effect, but our assistant assured us that it does work very well. This effect is the result of the heat-blocking properties of the latex layer and the large water-storing capacity of the inner cotton layer. The body-heat can’t escape through the outer thermo layer and the skin temperature around the waist goes up. The body starts to sweat to cool down the body. The sweat is stored in the cotton layer. This way the body temperature does not change and the body keeps producing sweat, which is actual water coming out of the fat cells. As a result you start loosing weight and create a smoother and slimmer looking waistline. It takes only a few days before results become visible.


Overall we really liked the Ska Studio 102FAD waist trainer. If you are serious about waist training then go and get one. It is a professional product in quality comparable with Squeem. We especially like the lightweight and soft design that makes the cincher extremely wearable not only in the gym, but underneath your cloth during the day. The shaping effect certainly is just as strong as that of an Ann Chery Classica, but it is less visible even under a tight shirt and not as high, which makes it much better suited for use in the gym.

At the time of writing the Ska Studio Amazon store had only six different waist trainers and body shapers, but our contact at Ska Studio ensured us they are in the process of listing their entire program. She added that all of their directly listed products are Prime eligible and come with free shipping above $35.

What’s not to like?