Waist Training Corsets VS. Waist Trainers – Different?

The difference between waist training corsets and waist trainers has been the topic of a few questions I have received in my email this week so I wanted to go over what the difference is and which one you should be using. You should keep in mind that you may have specific goals with waist training and that is going to influence which one you should go with. It comes down to what works best for you!

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Lets first discuss waist training corsets. When you think of these, they are generally used to give the appearance of a slim waist and this appearance is usually very noticeable. Most people wear these over their clothes and sometimes under. These are just like any normal corset and can make you look inches smaller almost instantly. The inside of these corsets have steel ribs which can sometimes be dangerous if used incorrectly but they make you look killer! Waist trainers are different and much safer because the rib cage is made out of plastic.

Now with waist trainers, these are typically put under your shirt and are not really ever seen to other people like waist training corsets are used for. Waist training corsets can feel super uncomfortable and most people cannot ever seem to get used to that feeling. With a waist trainer, they are not as noticeable, much more comfortable, and the goal is to reduce your waist line over time by using it every day. This is the no BS approach and if you use it over time, your waist will shrink and stay that way!

Waist training corsets are meant to give you an over the top look of an hourglass. A waist trainer is not meant to do this and probably never will give you this result and if they do, it will be a gradual process. Waist trainers have been called more comfortable from every lady I have talked to that has worn both! If you are going to wear something the entire day, it better feel great right?

I personally like to wear my waist trainer while I am working out because I feel it gets me sweating even more and I get more out of my workout. You can also wear them while you are cooking, cleaning, or playing with your kids. You can move around in a trainer which is why I prefer them. I do not want to put my life on hold.

When it comes down to it, the choice is yours! I hope you make the right choice for your body!